Relax and enjoy the scenery


Welcome to the Saltbaren

A vibrant and popular destination for after work events, atmospheric troubadour performances and exciting quiz nights.

Here, friends and colleagues gather to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and create memorable moments together. After a long day of work, the Saltbaren is the perfect place to relax, indulge in good food and drink, and share laughs and stories with others.


Time for a quiz night?

Are you looking forward to an evening of excitement and knowledge competitions? Get your friends together and let us take care of the rest! We organize an entertaining quiz night that will give you a fun and challenging experience. All you have to do is invite your nice people and be ready for an evening full of laughter, competitions and maybe even some surprises along the way. So bring your best team and let’s create a memorable evening together!


Shellfish dinner

Winter is the ultimate time for seafood! The cold months give us access to fresh and nutritious seafood, which is not only a source of essential nutrients but also a delicious reminder of the richness of the sea.

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Private events

Discover the magic of a private event in our boathouse, where tasteful moments meet great company.

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