Kayak package

Experience, nature, wellness, and relaxation all in one package. Welcome to the Kayak Package at Salt & Sill.

Paddling north, you’ll soon reach Flatholmen and Stora Vrångsholmen. Here, it’s narrow, labyrinthine, and fun. Paddle into the harbor at picturesque Flatholmen, where you’ll find old boathouses and buildings reminiscent of an old fishing community. Take a trip to Hjärterösund and Sandholmen, one of the area’s finest sandy beaches. Now you’re just about in the town of Skärhamn, where you can make a lunch or ice cream stop. There’s a good sandy beach to land at near the Nordic Watercolor Museum.

If you choose to paddle south from Klädesholmen, you’ll soon be in the narrow strait in Rönnäng, where Åstol, Dyrön, and Carlsten’s Fortress on top of Marstrand come into view. Explore the islands in Älgöfjorden or paddle across Marstandsfjorden to see the sailing town and seaside resort of Marstrand.

In the evening, a delightful menu awaits, perfect after a day at sea. Rest up in a cozy double room at our floating hotel, sleep your beauty sleep, and wake up to a lovely breakfast buffet.

Kayaks can be picked up at Kajaktiv, just a 10-minute walk from us.

Package includes

  • Kayak rental (one of the days)
  • 3-course menu
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast