Island hiking – package

The hiking trail is a total of 5 km long, but you can choose a shorter distance. It’s easy to find the way because there are yellow-painted poles at short intervals. Along the trail there are picnic areas with benches and tables, where you can enjoy your packed lunch. The trail is in mountainous terrain, but there are stairs and rails in the difficult places. However, healthy legs and shoes are required that are suitable for mountain walks. There may be sluggishness in the mountains and on wet, sometimes slippery, impregnated boards.

To and from Dyrön, you can easily get by personal ferry, only 5 minutes drive from Salt & Sill.

You either choose to check in with us and visit Dyrön day 2. Alternatively leave your luggage and bring your packed lunch to Dyrön, then check in after your visit to the island.

The package includes:

Sharing a double room
Packed lunches
3 course dinner

Ferry ticket will pay you on board the ferry or in the vending machine next to ferry mode.

If you want to wander more on Tjörn we recommend Tjörnehuvud, Vetteberget, Säbyleden, Häron, Sundsby and Bö Tjörn.

Package length: 1 – 8 days
Valid days for arrival: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Package includes

  • Breakfast
  • Three course dinner
  • Picnic package