To do

Visit the Herring Museum on Klädesholmen and walk on Dyrön and in Rönnäng

The hike on Dyrön takes you through wonderful views and challenging passages on one of the west coast’s most appreciated hikes. Here it is required that you see where you put your steps, so do not forget to stop and look up sometimes as well. The hike offers views as far as the sea reaches.

Come out to us on Klädesholmen and experience several of the west coast’s real gems. Start from Salt & Sill and embark on wonderful hikes and cultural experiences.

The hiking trail in Rönnäng is another favorite where you get the chance to find old cultural heritage and during the spring and summer get to experience wonderful green nature. This trail is not excellent in nature so with the help of a map you can find your own roads and places to hike to.

Back on Klädesholmen again, the Herring Museum is a must to experience when you visit us. Learn about the island’s history and let yourself be guided through the development of fish and herring preparation from the 19th century onwards.