When you stay with us at Salt & Sill, our floating hotel, a sense of the horizon is just around the corner. Kayaking is a fantastic way to have great experiences.

Kayaking in the Bohuslän archipelago is one of our most relaxing and soothing activities. A real nature experience that acts as a plaster for stressed out souls. It is actually easier than many might think.

Experience the feeling of the horizon and the beautiful gneiss archipelago from the kayak. Break up the conference with a paddle for a few hours or combine the conference with one or more full days in the hot tub. An experience that makes a difference and that you will remember for a long time.


Kayak tour 3 hours: 995 kr/person
Kayak tour 7 hours: 1490 kr/person

The price includes: Kayak, paddle, canopy, life jacket, guide and coffee.


  • Full day: 590 kr/person
  • Half day: 390 kr/person

Prices are incl. moms.
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