Jacuzzi and floating sauna boat

Baste, swim and relax in the lounge. Cool off in the sea or swim warm in our barrel. Our sauna catamaran is moored at the hotel.

Escape box

Challange your coworkers with the exciting new game Escape Box.

Herrings & Swedish snaps testing

Our popular activity with snaps and herring blends historical stories with amazing taste experiences. Here you will find exciting combinations of flavours and learn to taste the difference between our most popular ones.

Shellfish Fishing

Take a trip out to sea with our fishing guide and take part in crab and crayfish fishing.

Make your own flavoured herring

Try to put herring with our chefs in the cozy food studio of our seabed.

Cooking Course

Cook under the guidance of a chef in the cozy food studio of our seabed.

Boat tour

Boat tour in the archipelago.