Our history

Sweden’s first floating hotel

Sweden’s first floating hotel Salt & Sill’s owners, Susanna and Patrick, started thinking about hotels back in 2004. The dream was to create a business that offers an all in one experience in food, drink and accommodation capturing the essence of the peaceful sea and nature of Klädesholmen. A hotel with meeting and conference facilities, opening up entirely new possibilities – all year round, became the answer to their dream. And Klädesholmen’s limited space meant there was only one way to make it happen – it had to be a floating hotel.

Salt & Sill’s history goes back over 20 years, under the current owners. Susanna and Patrick Hermansson became the third owners of the now well-known restaurant gem on the herring island of Klädesholmen. Their passion for food and people was the starting point for the internationally recognized restaurant, which now also includes hotels and conferences.

The purpose of the restaurant, in addition to becoming a famous archipelago restaurant, was to provide both summer guests and residents of Klädesholmen with high quality food based on local ingredients with strong influences from the coast and sea. The restaurant’s specialty was herring – one of Sweden’s oldest food traditions with endless combinations. And where should Sweden’s herring restaurant be located if not on Klädesholmen? The old fishing village dates back to the 15th century, with early herring salteries and canning factories. Salt & Sills’ ambition was, and is today, to develop guests interest in food and inspire new flavors.

In March 2005, they came much closer to reality, largely thanks to close collaboration with Tjörn municipality, local businesses, community associations, and the local population of Klädesholmen. Everyone agreed that Sweden’s first floating hotel would make Klädesholmen a popular destination all year round.

The environmental court’s approval in March 2008 was the green light that swiftly initiated the hotel construction. In order not to disturb the residents and environment of the island, the construction was carried out at a nearby quay in Wallhamn. The fact that the hotel was built on floating pontoons in a different location from where it would be located was a challenge in itself. The next challenge was the move – at sea.

In the height of the summer heat in July 2008, when the Marsstrandsfjord was completely windless, the six hotel modules were towed from Wallhamn to Ängholmen. Then to the final destination on Klädesholmen where guests have been able to stay on the surface of the sea ever since.

Spaces to socialize and develop

With the hotel in place, Susanna and Patrick’s vision of a year-round functioning operation was realized. Interest from private individuals and conference guests has increased over the years, so the next natural step was to build more and larger conference and banquet facilities. That too was not easy in the limited space, but was cleverly solved by adding to the existing buildings. In spring 2013, the 300 square meters of new premises were ready for guests who want to conference or celebrate in direct proximity to the sea.



Welcome to Salt & Sill, a place where meetings and socializing take place in the harmonious and calm presence of the sea.

Food and drink


Destination Salt & Sill currently has four different restaurants. Salt & Sill, Sjöboden, Saltbaren and Holmens kiosk.

Meetings and conferences


Gather, collaborate and create in a creative West Coast environment. Just outside Gothenburg, only one hour’s drive away, you’ll find Salt & Sill.



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