Cancellation Policy & Conditions

General holding times and information for group and conference arrangements

  • If you have booked a full-day meeting room, you have access to the room between 08:00-17:00.
  • Half-day morning at 08:00-12:00
  • Half-day afternoon at 13:00-17:00

The room has a projector/large screen, a white board, flipchart, notepads and pens, as well as sparkling and still water.

For those who have booked a hotel room, check-in starts at 15:00.

Check-out on the day of departure is no later than 11:00.

For pictures of your booked accommodation, visit

Added to the price:

  • Beverage
  • Any additions to the booking made on site, e.g. snacks, bike rental or other.

General conditions for group and conference arrangements


  • The client is responsible for all costs arising from the order and the event.
  • The absence of participants from a pre-booked meal, accommodation or activity does not entitle them to a price reduction.
  • If the reservation is confirmed, an advance invoice of 75% of the cancellation value will be sent 14 days before arrival.
  • Standard payment terms are 10 days unless otherwise stated or if special payment terms have been agreed.


All cancellations must be made in writing.

  • If canceled 4 weeks before the arrival date – no charge.
  • If canceled 2-4 weeks before the arrival date – 75% of the booking value will be charged.
  • If canceled less than 14 days before the arrival date – 100% of the cancellation value will be charged.

Reducing the number of participants

  • If the number of participants is reduced later than 14 days before arrival, we can adjust meals for up to 5 people at no extra cost.
  • When reducing the number of participants later than 7 days before arrival, 100% of the booking value will be charged per canceled participant.

Cancellation of activities and group rooms

For cancellation of activities or group rooms later than 30 days before arrival, 100% of the cost will be charged.

Alcohol policy

Salt & Sill holds a serving license in all its public premises, hotel rooms and in the bathing and sauna boat. It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in these places.

Visitas general conditions

In other cases, we refer to Visita’s general terms and conditions for conferences, group bookings and other events.

By submitting this offer, you consent to Salt & Sill processing your personal data as described in our privacy policy, see the attached document at the bottom of the offer.

Force Majeure

The Hotel has the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise modify the booking, in whole or in part, as a result of a force majeure event, including but not limited to war, riot, fire, natural disaster, strike, law, regulation, advice and recommendations of government, health authorities or health organizations, terrorism, epidemics, civil disorder and any other cause beyond its control. The client accepts such changes to the booking, is not entitled to any form of compensation and, in the event of cancellation, will reasonably cooperate to rebook the event. If the Client or Hotel is unable to proceed due to travel guidelines and social distancing advice from the WHO (World Health Organization) or other similar bodies, the Client and/or Hotel reserves the right to postpone the event to an alternative date of equal or greater value to take place within the next 6 months from the original date of the booking without penalty. Provided the event is beyond 7 days before arrival. If the event has been moved or postponed to new dates in relation to the original contract, the cancellation rules in the contract for the original dates shall apply.

As annexes

Vista’s general conditions for conferences, group bookings and other events.

Privacy policy & GDPR


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