A la carté menu


Small herringboard 159 SEK
Six kinds of herring with classic accessories and boiled potatoes

Today's starter 175 SEK
A dish composed by the kitchen, suitable for the season

Scallops 165 SEK
Fried scallops with mackerellmousse, planed chestnuts and pumkincream flavored with sichuanpepper

Lamb 145 SEK
Rosemary-garlicmarinated lamb with smoked sourcream, chrispy salsify and lingonberry and parsleysalad


Main course

Herring board 195 SEK
Six kinds of herring with classic accessories and boiled potatoes.

Catch of the day 295 SEK
A dish composed with seasonal flavours. Ask us for the chefs choice of the evening

Duckbreast 285 SEK
Fried duckbreast with celerypureé, confit king oyster, swedish plum, fried blackcabbage and madeirasauce

Cod 305 SEK
Fried-cured cod with roasted cornpureé, chantarelles, chips on Jerusalem artichoke and seafoodsauce 


Today´s special dessert 110 SEK
A creation of the kitchen suitable for the season.

Baked dark chocolate terrine with marinated cherries and walnuticecream 

Apple 110 SEK
Poched autumn apple with warm vanillasauce, cardamom-crumble and cinnamon maranges

Coffee candy 29 SEK for one, 45 SEK for two
The kitchen's choice of coffee candy.