Party & wedding menus


White fish roe from Vänern with Västerbotten cheese, pickled red onion, smoked sour cream, lemon and dill.

Carpaccio of scallops with crab foam, roe of trout, apple and toasted hazelnuts.

Lightly smoked veal tenderloin with duck liver mousse, pickled onions, browned butter and sour dough croutons.

Smoked trout, marinated egg yolk, green asparagus, lemon mayonnaise and rye bread crisp.


Main course

Grilled cod with smoked sea mussel ragaout, white carrot purée, pickled cucumber and fennel salad and clam sauce.

Roast entrecote with pommes Anna, red wine sauce and seasonal vegetables.

Oven baked turbot with shellfish vinegrette, Jerusalem artichoke purée, sauteed spinach and salsify chips.

Flounder with celeriac purée, green asparagus, champagne sauce served with dill potatoes.



Lemon bavaroise with raspberry jelly, lemon curd, raspberry sorbet and lemon meringues.

Cream cheese ice cream, burned Italian meringue, marinated berries and roasted pie crust.

Caramelized milk chocolate mousse with dark chocolate sorbet and chips on browned white chocolate and poached cherries.

Classic äggost with sugared blackberry.


Three course menu of your choice from 595 SEK/person.