History of Salt & Sills floating hotel

Salt & Sill's owners, Susanna and Patrick Hermansson's, ideas about a hotel were born in 2004. The dream was to start a business offering a complete experience within food, drink and accommodation, built around the peaceful island of Klädesholmen. A hotel with meeting and conference facilities, which opens up brand new possibilities - all year round, became the answer to their dreams. And the limited space on Klädesholmen meant there was only one way to realise it - they had to build a floating hotel.

In March 2005 they moved closer to realising their goal, much thanks to close co-operation with Tjörn's local council, local businesses, the community association, and the residents of Klädesholmen. Everyone agreed that Sweden's first floating hotel would make Klädesholmen into a popular destination all year round. The approval from the Environmental Court in March 2008 became the go-ahead to start the building work. To avoid causing disruption to neighbours and the island environment, the building work was carried out at a nearby quay in Wallhamn. Building the hotel on floating pontoons at a different location to where it would be permanently moored was a challenge in itself. The next challenge was the move - across the sea.

In July 2008, the hottest part of the summer, when the Marstrand Fjord was dead calm, the six hotel modules were towed from Wallhamn to Ängholmen. After the final move, to their final destination at Klädesholmen, the doors are now open to guests who want to stay, eat and hold conferences at Sweden's first floating hotel.