Bar Menu

Bar Menu Summer 2018

All days between 12:00-21:00


Shrimp sandwich, small 135 SEK / large 215 SEK

140 g / 180 g shrimps, homemade bread, salad, horseradish, egg, mayonnaise



Herring board 195 SEK

Six kinds of herring with classic accompaniments and boiled potatoes



Cheese and charcuterie 219 SEK

Three kinds of cold cuts, three kinds of cheese, pickled onion, buttered bread, pear marmalade



“Klädesholmare” 179 SEK

Pickled herring, capers, onion, egg and horseradish cream, browned butter and new potatoes



Oysters 45 SEK / pcs

Shallot vinegrette, lemon, Tabasco sauce



Cheese and olives 69 SEK

Marinated Svecia cheese and olives



Duck liver 195 SEK

Caramelized duck liver terrine, pickled red onion, fried black salsify, Jerusalem artichoke cream, cress



Anchovies 125 SEK

Butter fried bread, grilled lemon and anchovies



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