Jacuzzi and floating sauna boat

Moored at Salt & Sill's dock lies S / S Silla – our floating sauna boat with a jacuzzi on top. This is a catamaran built for relaxing. The lower floor of the boat houses a sauna, a lounge area, a shower, toilets and a pier with ladders leading straight into the ocean. On the upper level there is a heated hot tub and a sun deck.

Sauna and jacuzzi incl. Towel, 225 kr, hotel guests.

Sauna and jacuzzi incl. Towel, 275 kr, drop-in guests.

Jacuzzi & sauna boat private group -two hours, towel and sparkling drinking water included, 3 125 kr (2,500 kr ex vat)

Bathrobe, 95 kr


Make your own flavoured herring

Spend time at our cosy kitchen studio. Your private chef will teach you his secret recipes. The chef will show how it´s done ad then you get to make your own herring to bring home (2

1500kr + 200kr per person ex VAT.


Cooking Course

Cook dinner under the direction of Salt & Sills chef at our cozy food studio, you will receive an apron from us as a memory of the evening. 

Starting fee: 2 400 kr.

3-course work shop fee including our apron 536 kr / person.

Snacks and one glass of sparkling: 79 kr / person.

Maximum number of people: 12

Prices are ex VAT


Herrings & Swedish snaps testing

Our popular activity with snaps and herring blends historical stories with amazing taste experiences. Here you will find exciting combinations of flavours and learn to taste the difference between our most popular ones.

You will definitely learn more about herring and our Nordic drink, which has gone from poverty food to party food with an obvious place on the Swedish food table.

Base fee 1800 SEK and 200 SEK / person if you are 12 or less.

If you are a company of 13 or more, it costs 390 kr / person.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.


New activity - Shellfish fishing

Take a trip with our fishing guides and enjoy the archipelago. From the boat will you be fishing for crab and crayfish. An introduction will be given to you at Salt & Sill and then you will be ready get on board.


Up to 6 people 6 900 kr excl. VAT

7-12 people 8 900 kr excl. VAT

13-20 people 12 900 kr excl. VAT

The trip is 3-4 hours and in addition to the fish itself, life jackets are included.

Tip! Bring your conference coffee and cake with you on the boat.

Are you private guests contact us for tours and availability.
Good to know: bring clothes after weather


The battle of the treasure

We start with an auction where the team can bid on various things that will have more or less significance in the competition. It is important to have a sense of how to spend the money right, it is not so obvious.

Then the game starts with varying challenges, if you bought the “right” thing with your money than you will have some advantages. Collaborative ability, team spirit and competitive minds are extremely importan as every winning challenge gives the team an advantage in the final step to find the treasure.

Time about 2 hours


4-13 people; 4 900 kr

14-50 people; 350 SEK / person

All prices are ex VAT


The battle against the clock

The battle against the clock is a fun and challenging indoor competition where everyone can join and participate. Competition participants are divided into teams and then they challenge the other teams in several different exercises. Each team chooses a teammate per round to compete against the other team's competitior.

After each challenge, you select a new team member that the team thinks fit for the task. The other participants are in the audiences and happy attendees! Concentration and focus are two very useful features during this nervous activity. May the best team win!

Eventually, the winning team will receive medals.

Time interval 1 h

4-14 people; 4 500 kr
15-50 people; 320 kr / person

Prices are exclusive of VAT


Summer / Winter Games

Divided into teams, you march to the starting point with fire and flags, after swearing the oath the games can begin.

You now have to battle each other in different challenges, for example, bowling, bow & arrow shooting and picking up your sports knowledge in a quiz. When the competitions are finished, we hand the winning nation medals. In the Winter Games you compete in ski-shooting, curling and hockey penalties.

Duration 2 h

4-11 persons: 4 500 kr
12-50 persons: 390 kr / person

Prices are exclusive of VAT.


Mountain bike tour with guide

Ride a mountain bike along the nice forest path. A difficult combination of action combined with experiencing the nature under your tires will give you great fun.

Bohuslän has a varied and amazing nature. We find deciduous forests, meadows, dirt roads, smooth granite fields and pretty beaches by the water. Varied and beautiful. Somewhere on the road, the packed coffee and cake package will taste really good.

1-10 people 9,000 kr
11 people or more 900 kr / person

Prices are ex VAT.

Good to know: The price includes a 24-speed mountain bike, helmet, water bottle, and instructions.


Boat tour

Round trip in the archipelago around Klädesholmen, suitable for 1-90 people

Price : Up to 12 people from 3 800 kr.

Time: 1h

Prices are ex VAT


Conferencepackage Spring
Conference offer

Conferencepackage Spring

Conference in our unique environment in direct proximity to the sea and the coast, spend time enjoying delicious meals on our archipelago and staying at our floating hotel. This conference package includes: - Morning coffee - Two-course lunch - Afternoon coffee - Three-course dinner - Part of the double room - Breakfast buffet Price ex VAT 1 495 kr/person Valid from Januar 11- March 31, 2019