History of Salt & Sills restaurant

Salt & Sill's history goes back just over 14 years, with the present owners. Susanna och Patrick Hermansson are the third set of owners for this now famous restaurant on Klädesholmen, the Herring Island. Their passion for food and people became the starting point for this internationally acclaimed restaurant, and later also for Sweden's first floating hotel.

The aim of the restaurant, apart from becoming a well-renowned island inn, was to provide both visitors and residents on Klädesholmen with high quality food based on local raw materials and strongly influenced by the coast and the sea. The restaurant's speciality became herring - one of Sweden's oldest food traditions with endless possibilities for variation. And where else should Sweden's herring restaurant be located, if not on the island of Klädesholmen? This old fishing community dates back to the 15th century, and early on housed both salting-houses and canneries (read more about Klädesholmen here). Salt & Sill's ambition was, and still is today, to develop their guests' interest in food and inspire them to enjoy new flavours.